Technical Details

Technical Details

The power plant is built around a GE LM6000 PC Sprint-type Gas Turbine. The dissipated exhaust heat from the turbine is utilized by an Aalborg brand heat recovery steam generator and the heat energy in the generated steam is in turn converted into mechanical then electrical energy by a GE brand, Thermodyn Steam Turbine. C.A.M.P.I brand condenser  provides water condensing for the used up steam, providing ample vaccuum for 13,4 MW of electricity production as well as permitting the reuse of the condensed water to feed the steam generator.

The plant also uses one RMS-A type gas pressure reduction station and Demineralization System.

The ALES CCPP Switchyard is connected to the National High Voltage Electricity Transmission Grid between  the Germencik and Yatağan feeders by a 154 KV Transmission Line.


General Electric LM 6000 PC Sprint type turbine consists of five-stage low pressure, 14-stage high pressure compressor and an annular combustion chamber. Power output is taken from the 2 stage HP and 5 stage LP turbines. A Sprint Intercooling system is used to increase the output power as well as a water injection system to supress the harmful substances from the exhaust gases.

To prevent icing in cold weather in the winter, "Anti-Icing" system and for summer period to increase the output "Evaporative Cooling" systems are made available.


Supplied by Aalborg Engineering of Denmark, the boiler consists of three modules, HP, LP and the Superheater. The boiler is equipped with two HP pumps with 54.4 m3 / h flow capacity and two LP pumps with 24 m3/h flow capacity.
Design parameters:
HP Pressure: 58 BarHP Temperature: 437 °C LP Pressure 4.1 Bar,
LP temperature: 227 °C Steam flow from HP lines is 45 tons/hour,  and LP lines is 18 tons/hour

Feed water tank capacity is 19 m3. Conductivity and pH measurements are done on-line and automatic dosing control unit is available. System is equipped with a Deaerator Tank
.All operations are performed via the SCADA system.


Thermodyn model turbine obtained from GE Company. Output power is 13,4 MW at 6026 rpm, while the HP steam turbine inlet temperature is 425 °C and pressure is 56 bar.

 The automation is provided withthe SCADA which also ensures the safety of the system
Steam turbine generator is ANDRIZ HYDRO brand, with an Output Power of 17 MVA, 11, 5 KV, at speed of 1500 rpm

Steam coming from the steam turbine is condensed and collected in condensate tank then sent back to the boiler C.A.M.P.I brand condenser provides water condensing for the used up steam


Cooling Tower system is designed by SPIG Company which consists of 3 cooling fans. The system is equipped  with two cooling circulation pumps for cooling condenser.


Raw water is obtained from three artesian wells and is collected in the pool with a capacity of 1500m3.
Water production capacity of the system is 30m3/h. Demineralized water is stored in the demi tank (200 m3 capacity). Detailed water quality analyzes can be performed in the laboratory. 

Natural gas  is provided through BOTAS system with an inlet pressure of 35-75 bar. Station gas flow capacity is13000 m³/h and is 100% redundant (double line). System output pressure is 47 bar to the Gas turbine. Measurement and monitoring is done with the SCADA system that can transmit data to the BOTAS control system center  locatedin ANKARA.


ALES ELEKTRİK, 154 KV Switchgear Plant has been integrated between Germencik - Yatağan feeders and connected to the National System. 154 KV Switchgear Plant has two main feeders, one coupling bar, two lines and two transformer units.
Gas Turbine transformer voltage is 154 KV / 11.5 KV and power is 50/62, 5 MVA .Steam Turbine transformer voltage is 154 KV / 11.5 KV, and power is16/20 MVA. 
The maneuvers in Switchgear Plant are carried out by receiving orders from the National Load Dispatch Center.


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